Review: This is Ceilidh

By LYN GARDNER in The Guardian on 06/08/2014 | Full Article

Edinburgh Festival 2014: Why run from zombies when you can ceilidh the night away?

photo 2If you want to try something different, I’d suggest This Is Ceilidh. Whereas The Generation of Z has running and screaming, This Is Ceilidh has Scottish country dancing… who couldn’t be happy when they are dancing, which is, after all, a vertical manifestation of horizontal desire? I saw it – or rather took part in it – on Monday and, although there were so many people on the dance floor that it sometimes seemed like we were trying to dance in a traffic jam, everyone was unfailingly polite, so the dance floor became a chorus of “sorry” and “watch out”. Toes and egos were bruised, people went flying, elbows made contact with cheeks. But everyone was laughing, including me, and I thought, how wonderful Edinburgh can be when it’s way past your bedtime but you want to stay for one last dance.