By LISA on Empty Pocket Guide on 11/08/2014 | Full Article

So many people who descend onto the stunning city of Edinburgh during the Edinburgh festival don’t experience any Scottish traditions. If you don’t fancy trying the haggis, going to the Tatoo ,eating a fried mars bar (sorry too obvious) or go on a ghost tour then you need to at least go to a ceilidh.

A Ceilidh is a traditional Gaelic social gathering involving dancing and music, and they are an absolute hoot! Also took me a really long time learning how to spell it!

You are given different coloured wristbands and put into 2 teams. The actors lead you through a story brilliantly and with passion and move you on and off the dance area depending on your team.

When the dancing starts the actors  shout out what dance moves you should be doing. The dances are repetitive so you should get the hang of it by the end!  You can’t be shy as you will dance and hold hands with practically everyone in the room and get chatting with total strangers.

The dancing is interspersed by bag pipe-offs, a bit of rap and a bit of singing and the energy and atmosphere is fantastic.

‘This is Ceilidh’ is a modern take on a traditional ceilidh and it is brilliant and so much fun.

So get your dancing shoes on and get amongst it. I had a grin on my face the entire time! Take your parents, your mates, your work colleagues, anyone! Just Go!

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