Broadway Baby: Ready, Steady, Ceilidh! “a must for little movers and shakers”

By LYNDSEY BAKEWELL on Broadway Baby on 16/08/2014 | Full Article


Children’s dance shows are always difficult to assess, especially if they are only designed for the young.Ready, Steady, Ceilidh however was as much for the adults as it was for the children. This show is very interactive and all of the attendees were immediately on their feet, learning how to Ceilidh.

The show opened with a nice simple Ceilidh routine, talking the children through the steps. The enthusiastic presenters, Iain and Lesley, had a great rapport with the children, making sure no one was left out or confused. The session was accompanied by a live band which included a guitar, fiddle and bagpipes, and this really made the show special, giving it a great atmosphere.

As well as being 50 minutes of dancing fun, this show is also informative. Upon entry you are divided into two clans, the McYellows and the McReds, which later allows for a dancing battle to take place. A poem about Scotland opens the show and whilst setting the mood, also reminds us of the history of the place where we have all gathered.

The show cleverly appeals to all of the children in the audience, either through the dancing or through a word game that is played. Each clan is given a set of words with which they can create insults for the other side. This leads to more audience interaction and quite a few giggles.

The show is energetic, leaving you with a little bit of Ceilidh to show your friends and family. The children and adults alike had a great, energetic 50 minutes. The show closed with the instruments being played in a circle for the children to see; a very delightful ending to a very Scottish show. A must for little movers and shakers.

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